Welcome! This website is just a little CV/blog for /saul and /bernie where we post ramblings from both our personal and work lives.

We’ve had the whiterabbit domain since 1995. Saul created it for his small consulting company called White Rabbit Software. Unfortunately, White Rabbit is no longer around. Still, there was some interest in the domain when the PS2 version of the Matrix computer game was released back around 2000. It was a hacking game and many people thought my domain was part of the puzzle. Though many gamers thought otherwise, such was not the case. And, before you ask

No, whiterabbit.com is not for sale

We’ve gotten offers from the Lewis Carroll Foundation, IT companies, Rock Bands, etc. However, unless you are offering us 7-6 digits, we are not interested.

Crazy? Maybe.

The former wordpress site for Whiterabbit.com can be found here