Current Builds

Yunzii (Budget and 1st Build)

Keyboard: YUNZII KC84S Milk Honey Switches: Gazzew Boba U4T Total cost: $110 (USD)

 - I chose the Yunzii kc84 as my base keyboard because came really nice stock and was super affordable.
 - I wanted something bluetooth that I would be able to take to university with me, and also really liked the aethetics of the board with its high frame.
 - The RGB's where pretty shnazzy, and I really liked the  pbt keycaps that it came with.
 - I orginally was planning to put in the anubis switches as I was really into **THOCK**, but they were sold out everywhere, and only available overseas unless i wanted to pay 50$ in shipping costs
 - I went with the Boba U4ts instead as they were also pretty thocky but mainly the name was cute

Keychron Q1 (Current Build)

Keyboard: Keychron Q1 Barebones Carbon Black w/ Knob Switches: TTC Blue-ish White Switch - Tactile - Plate Mount Keycaps:Shurikey ABS Double Shot Keycap Set )

- The one thing I regret with this build is the keycaps. I really wish that the MK tech center would have put prices on the merchandise as I probably wouldnt have picked these if I had known they were 69 DOLLARS? AND ABS? admittedly my own fault for not asking.\
- I spent around 20 minutes jsut pressing different switches, the red bean tacticle switches really caught my eye but, the TTc blueish's just kinda, stuck with me. I also quickly realizsed I hate linear switches much more than I thought I would.
- The weight and feel of the Keychron is amazing, While, I would've prefered a brown rather than the black that I have at the moment I still love the aethetics. AND THE KNOB IT HAS A KNOB
- The RGB's of the board arn't as impressive as the ones on my Yunzii but, I like the fact that its easiy programmably, I just cant be bothered at this moment.

I got really into keyboards last december while working as an intern. My mentor had this amazing Akko keyboard, which if I can recall correctly, was the Blue Samurai colorway? Which not only looked amazing but sounded absolutely amazing too. I had already known about Akko through tiktok where I saw their matcha and cinnamonroll keyboards and absolutely fell in love.

The co-worker whos desk I borrowed, happend to leave their Leopold number pad with topre switches on his desk, and when my mentor showed us that, I was then introduced to an entirely new world of switches, rather than just the general cherry mx ones.

I think I spent everynight that week watching switch testing youtube videos, keyboard reviews, and keycap unboxings, and quicly got my hands on a hotswappable mechanical keyboard.

While visting Arizona this year (2022), one of the things I was most looking foward to was visiting the warehouse! It was everything I could have dreamed for + more. And there, with the help of the store staff, I put together my second keyboard. While not my endgame, (bongo cat keyboard, I am looking at you) I love it to bits aswell.