Bernie Garnell

Networks and Cyber Security University Student,Hobbiest Baker.


Motivated Computer Science student, motivated upskill and gain real world, hands-on experience in Cybersecurity. Through these experience I hope to gain knowledge and confidence in working in a security focused environment. I am focused on learning how to repair, manage and identify vulnerabilities in order to help protect systems and people from malicious attacks.


2021 - now

Auckland University of Technolodgy

2017 - 2020

Epsom Girls Grammar School Secondary School

Work Experience

May 2023 - Present Co-Founder, FaradayHQ, Auckland, NZ

November 2022 - February 2023 Security Intern, Aura, Auckland, NZ

March 2022 - Nov 2022 Teacher’s Assistant, AUT, Auckland, NZ

November 2021 - February 2022 Security Intern, Aura, Auckland, NZ

October 2019 - July 2022 Web Developer, JKET, Auckland, NZ



Through creating the official webpage for the Japan Kauri Education Trust (JKET), I have gained sufficient skills in web development. I also understand User Heuristics throughs studying Jakob Nielsens’ 10 general principles in high school. This helped me design JKET’s website as I aimed to create a functional and easy to use website that was available in both English and Japanese. Furthermore, I have a basic understanding of Javascript through interactive elements of JKETs website, and I am interested in gaining knowledge in this area.


Through my Programming and Operating System papers at University, I am efficient in using C to solve programming problems. I can debug and analyse code to produce bug and error-free code. My role as a TA involves explaining coding problems in C and helping them understand the basics of the language. This has further improved my knowledge of C and enabled me to view issues from different perspectives. When helping students, I need to dissect the code they have produced and help them debug what they have rather than show them my implementation.


Over the past year I have expanded my knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming(OOP) through learning Java. In my courses I have learned about different data structures and algorithms and how to implement and use them effectively in programming problems. I have also been exposed to the SOLID framework and have a basic understanding on how to create flexible, maintainable and portable programs.

Penetration Testing

I gained an interest in becoming a pen-tester during my second to last year of Highschool. While I tried to learn pen-testing skills on my own through Try-Hack-Me, Overthewire and youtube tutorials, it wasn’t until my internship at Aura that I was able to gain a basic understanding. Through watching over the shoulders of my mentors, I learned how to use tools such as NMAP and Burpsuite effectively. I also learned how phishing engagements work, the fundamentals of Windows Active Directory and how to exploit it using Bloodhound. I continue to try and expand on my skillset through completing HacktheBox and PortSwigger Challenges.

Other Skills

Security Frameworks

My internship at Aura exposed me to different cybersecurity frameworks such as NIST, ISO and OCTAVE. I was fascinated by understanding how these frameworks laid out how companies can improve and build up their cybersecurity postures. Furthermore, through sitting through client meetings, I was able to see real-life implementations of organisations and how they identified their shortcomings and understand how they could improve them. I was also given the opportunity to provide a research report on different EDR/ XDR software and threat intelligence sources.


I am passionate about working out and going to the gym 5 to 6 times a week. In addition, I enjoy baking and cooking and even sold vegan biscotti and other baked goods while in high school to a cafe in Albany. I also enjoy drawing and painting in my free time and occasionally dabble in improv jazz piano.


Available on request. Contact me .